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Blah blah long time no update blah blah.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes and then it will be summer glorious summer. Well, assuming I survive finals and all the end of semester crap. I would say that I will then post here more, but my guess is you won't believe me at this point. In the meantime, a few notes.

  • Braves - The season is going pretty much like I figured it would stats-wise. I had slightly higher expectations for Francouer, but if the Braves catch a few breaks differently they would be a few games above .500 instead of a few games below, and that is what I would have figured them for. I'm still hoping that Schuerholz pulls a reliever out of his hat and in that case I think this will be a very interesting team to watch. Who I still think could win the division except...
  • Mets - I knew they had some offense, but I figured their starting pitching would do them in. Instead, Glavine and Pedro are both picthing like it's 1999 and (for now) the Mets actually look like a good team. My guess is they will regress a bit to the mean -- they have been playing a lot of weak teams thus far -- but if Pedro and Glavine keep it up, this team could beat the Braves in their division for the first time ever.
  • Amazing Race - I still don't understand why so many people dislike the Hippies. They are still my favorite team even if they are a bit sloppy at times and that will likely cost them the race. I'm also not clear on why the stunt that the Frat Boys and Mojo pulled last night isn't against the rules -- would you be allowed to cancel another team's plane tickets? -- but it did make for a good hour of television. Oh, and Monica is really really annying and horrible.
  • West Wing - I am finding the transition stuff interesting, especially since we didn't get to see any of it when Bartlet came into office, but I also feel like if I only have three hours left of ths show I would rather see Toby and Josh than see Mrs. Santos freak out because (gasp) she has a separate pastry chef now. Still, Alan Alda's performance this week was quite nice and made me once again pray that Al Gore will change his mind and run for president once again.
  • Beer - I homebrewed my first batch the other night. I'm not sure if I will talk about that here or over at the other place, but it was fun and I am looking forward to reaping the benefits, even if I now have to wait a month.
  • The Believer - I heart Rhett Miller.
  • Fearless Symmetry - When I first heard that some people had written a pop-math (ie for laypeople rather than mathematicians) book about the Langlands program I was skeptical, to say the least. But I'll be damned -- this is a pretty good book thus far, and I think that Ash/Gross do a good job of explaining representation theory of all things in a way that even my parents could understand.
  • Alias - I'm glad to have it back. Say what you will about it, but I'm going to miss this show.
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