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It's the last day of classes and everyone on campus seems to be using the $5/head that the provost will give us to buy food for our students. I honestly don't understand why any class would want pizza at 9am, but some was delivered down the hall. (I saved pizza for my noon class and just had donuts in the morning)

I have to say that I never liked the tradition at Columbia of students applauding the professor after the last lecture, but now that I am someplace that doesnt have that tradition I kinda miss it.


With last night's episode, The Office has now surpassed even Arrested Development in my mind as the best sitcom of the last few years. I'm sure it will jump the shark eventually, especially as Jim will leave and then come back and the Jim/Pam storyline will go back and forth and become as annoying as Ross/Rachel or Dave/Maddie but for now I can't imagine a sitcom I would rather watch.

Has anyone ever tried that prank with the nickels and a phone? That was the funniest idea I've heard in a long time.
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