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Not that I needed their word, but Baseball Prospectus has declared it the end of the Braves era. And honestly, it's hard for me to disagree. I still think that the Braves aren't really as bad as they have been playing the last couple weeks, and that the Mets aren't as good as their record indicates and that they will lose momentum, but it's getting harder and harder for even me to believe that they will lose as much momentum as they would need for this thing to get turned around. (and yes, my icon is out of date and i blame the Braves decline partly on Mazzone's departure...)

I'll probably be depressed about this at some later date, but right now I am too busy focussing all of my baseball energy on The College World Series. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really don't understand why college football and basketball are so popular -- and arguably as popular if not moreso than the professional versions of the sports -- but college baseball is so incredibly ghettoized (as evidenced when the announcers talk about how "coming up next is the US Paintball tournament"). The normal argument is that too many superstars are drafted out of high school and never play at the college level, but it seems to me that that's a chicken-and-egg type of argument. It doesn't help that this year's CWS is occurring the same time as the NBA finals, the Stanley cup, and the World Cup all of which suck a lot of sports energy away from college baseball, but my lord has this been an exciting tournament, and I'm only in pat talking about that ridiculously good ending to the Rice-Miami game that just happened (3-2, bottom of the ninth, 1 out, men on first and third...and a pair of strikeouts, one of which gets the Miami manager ejected).

Of course, yes I am biased because so much of my interest is stemming from the fact that my Rice Owls are on the fast track through the world series after winning their first two games. If they win one of the next two then they go to the championship series. And not to be too much of an intellectual elitist snob, but the fact that Rice is playing on the same par as schools with an average SAT score 400 points lower still just blows my mind. Even though it's happened before.
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