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music meme

I'm being procrastinatory, as I really am having trouble getting this paper finished and I really don't want to write this letter of recommendation, so here's my semiannual update on what's in my itunes catalog/on my ipod:

Total library: 3089 items, 12.8 days, 16.4 GB
# Artists: 205
# Albums: 398
# Genres: 38

Alphabetically first song: "You can close the New York Stock Exchange" - Assassins (darn punctuation)
Alphabetically last song: Zither - REM
Alphabetically first album: & The Mysterious Production Of Eggs - Andrew Bird
Alphabetically last album: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco
Alphabetically first artist: Aimee Mann
Alphabetically last artist: Yo-Yo Ma

(almost all of the alphabetical are same as six months ago)

Shortest song: One Last - Sufjan Stevens (0:08)
Longest song: Eskimo - Damien Rice (16:06)

Number of songs (not podcasts) never played: 365
Number of songs not played in a year: 347
Number of songs played in last two weeks: 180
Number of podcasts: 346 items
Number of podcasts subscribed to: 24

Number of songs with "love" in title: 92
Number of songs with "sex" in title: still only 2
Number of songs with "death" in title: 8
Number of songs with "you" in title: 185

Ten Most Played Songs:
Rowing Song - Patty Griffin (18)
I Wanted To Be Wrong - REM (17)
Indiana - David Mead (16)
Leaving New York - REM (16)
The Late Greats - Wilco (16)
Negative Love - John Wesley Harding (15)
Sad Eyes - Josh Rouse (15)
Won't Be Home - Old 97s (15)
Making Pies - Patty Griffin (15)
Theologians - Wilco (15)

Artist with most songs: David Garza (102)

First five songs on shuffle:
Cinematic - Erin McKeown
Johnny Feelgood - Liz Phair
Hospital Song - Ben Folds Five
Hole In My Pocket - Terri Hendrix
More Comedy - Sarah Silverman
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