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I really really really need to submit this paper that I'm working on soon, so without further ado here are my comments on the Emmy nominations:

  • Everyone was saying that this year the nominations would be better because of some change in the rules that even I wasn't procrastinating enough to read the details of and so I don't really understand why everyone thought it would be better. And while it seems like there may have been some truth to that, it also seems like they might just be better because Everybody But Me Loves Raymond wasn't around to get lots of nominations.
  • The biggest sign that even if the nominations are better they aren't better enough is the lack of love for Arrested Development and The Office. Yes, both shows got nominations for best comedy, and the nominations for Will Arnett and Steve Carell are nice to see. But what's with the lack of love for Jason Bateman and...well, everyone else on the casts.
  • Sean Hayes? Seriously? Didn't the rest of America get sick of him 8 years ago when I did? Especially with the snubbing of Jeffrey Tambor and Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski. I guess he is the John Laroquette of the 21st century.
  • Megan Mullally? Seriously? Didn't the rest of America get sick of her 8 years ago when I did? Especially with the snubbing of Jessica Walters and my teevee-girlfriend Jenna Fischer. I guess she is the...um...did Markie Post get a lot of nominations?
  • On the drama side, I'm glad Denis Leary got a nomination, but John Scurti and Jack McGee certainly deserve them even more, and as a whole Rescue Me didn't get the love that it deserved.
  • For that matter, neither did Lost. But on the Lost front the biggest surprise was that they nominated the guy who played Desmond for guest actor rather than the guy who played not-Henry Gale. I know that the guy who played not-Henry won the award a couple years ago for a performance on The Practice that many people say was similar, but any performance that sends shivers through my spine just thinking about it months later deserves an award.
  • I was happy that Alan Alda got a nomination for best drama supporting actor, but I would trade it for either of the aforementioned Rescue Me guys. Or for Victor Garber, who certainly deserves some award after five excellent seasons as SpyDaddy. And while we're talking about this category, I'm pretty surprised that John Spencer didn't get a nomination -- it would have been out of sympathy as much as his excellent performances, but I have no problem with that.
  • How pissed off do you think Jon Stewart is that he didn't get nominated this year while Stephen Colbert took his place? And how much do you think we'll hear about this when Colbert comes back from vacation next week?
  • I wonder if a show has ever had as steep a slide as Desperate Housewives? I mean, we all knew it slid in terms of quality, but didn't it get like a bazillion nominations last year and like two this year? Maybe the academy does realize when something is just a flavor of the month rather than really being good? It makes the part where Sean Hayes is still getting nominated even more of a mystery.
  • I watch way too much television as it is, but reading these lists (as well as the lists of snubs) always make me realize that there are even more shows that I probably should check out before I pass too much judgment....naaah. But it does give evidence to what I've been saying -- television is a damn good medium, and those people who think they are too good for tv and that movies are better really don't know what they are missing.
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